IV Euro-Asian Symposium "Trends in MAGnetism" EASTMAG-2010
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EASTMAG – 2010 continues the tradition of important scientific symposiums on topical problems of magnetism and magnetic materials which consolidate scientists from Russia and other countries working in these fields. This series of symposiums started in the Institute of Metal Physics UB RAS (the city of Ekaterinburg, Russia) in 2001. The previous III EASTMAG symposium took place in the city of Kazan, Russia, in 2007. The EASTMAG-2010 Symposium is devoted to the centennial anniversary of the outstanding Russian scientist academician S.V.Vonsovsky, who worked in the field of magnetism.

 The city of Ekaterinburg (http://www.ekaterinburg.tv/) was found in 1723. Now it is the capital of the Sverdlovsk region. With the population of 1.324 million of people the city is one of the greatest industrial centers in Russia. Ekaterinburg is the scientific and cultural capital of the Ural Federal Region. The city is located near the Europe-Asia geographical border. The cultural program of Symposium will include both the city tours and visits to numerous museums and theaters and also excursions to the picturesque environments of Ekaterinburg including the Europe-Asia geographical border.


First announcement

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The Official Language

The official language of Symposium is English.


Transportation to Ekaterinburg

You can reach Ekaterinburg by airplane (Ekaterinburg airport Koltsovo (SVX) http://www.koltsovo.ru/?a=000001&lang=eng) or train. The offices of such companies as Lufthansa www.lufthansa.com, Austrian airlines (www.aua.com), Czech airlines (www.czechairlines.com), Finair(www.finnair.com), Turkish airlines (www.thy.com), Air China (www.airchina.com), Aeroflot-Russian Airlines (www.aeroflot.ru), Transaero (www.transaero.ru) and others are located in Koltsovo. Please consult your travel office for exact fares and schedule.


Weather in Ekaterinburg

The average daily temperature in Ekaterinburg is 15,6 deg. Celcius (60,1 deg. Fahrenheit) in June and 17,4 deg. Celcius (63,3 deg. Fahrenheit) in July. Expected daytime temperature vary between 20 and 30°C. The possibility of rainy weather cannot be excluded.

GISMETEO: Погода по г.Екатеринбург  GISMETEO: Погода по г. Екатеринбург